So I am getting my web site under control and looking forward to the goodness it will bring. To be honest just feels good to be learning something new. And social media aside i have never been very invested in inter web. Lots more to do but its a start.

New/old/and the great unknown

So I have been recording a new record of old music that just about to get rapped up. Gonna be called “Long Time Comin”. can’t wait to share. and now I’m free to record and work on new material. getting it all out is gonna happen faster than I think. I think. should be fun:)

Hailstorm and life

So I will be playing Hailstorm Brewery Tonight at 630pm! been a minute sense I’ve been out and played there. Looking forward to it. Gonna rock origanals, covers, jams, probably will make a few things up. Life is good and life can be bad but at least I get to play guitar and sing. drumming with my feet at the same time is just gravy. see you there:)

Open Mic At the Tin

Sup fools!! Bout to head out to the Tin for open Mic and was just thinking about how crazy it is that i have been hosting there for 7 damn years. I started there before i was a one man band, or a dad, or in my 30’s. Life is moving pretty fast these days and it makes me glad that I can still appreciate this gig. Thanks to everybody that has come out to support it over the years. Lets get to it and jam some Mic. All are welcome and anyone can play:) hope to see you there.

Goodness and goods

So I really have to say its been a great week of playing music at open mics i don’t host:) Truly meet some good people that love to listen and play. All the host were so open to the idea of me hauling in all my crap. Letting me do my thang. It was just great and wanted to share on this web site that I need to keep posting on and being productive with. wish me luck and buy my music;)

OPen mic

So last nights open mic was a great time. Just a couple people out and about cause of weather but a bunch of new faces came out to play. The 5 bridges was flowing. and the songs that needed sining had been sung. i love the life:)

Open Mic in Blue Island Tonight!!

So I suck at this web site shit so i don’t worry about it know. So i should be better. you know what I’m talkin’ bout? well what eves. Come to Blue Island Beer Company and play music with me. It might not say it on here but its happening!!

Lets see if this is works.

love this song.

you should too

1. Not So Rad     
1. Not So Rad     

Welp its been a pretty great few days! Was on TV. Got to play The Acorn Thearter. PLayed some good music for some great people:) MY buddy Cris LIkes this song a lot so I figured I would share it. No real reason other than that;) enjoy