lots of stuff going on

New record is done so that means time to get on other stuff. Doing some video this sunday with my good friend Brad! got deli this thursday. next thursday playing a show down town at the Up Town Lounge! I really like this place so you should come on out!! itchin’ to play and doing some painting in my basement. mostly nudes and landscape;)

happy v day

love is in the air and hallmarks making money:) all is right with the world. also open mic at the tin tomorrow night! will have the new disc for sale. and check out the web site for other downloads.

upcoming shows and song downloads

Ok I have a bunch of shows and open mics coming up and my good friend Mike fixed my music downloads!! I do not have the new songs up except for Happyness. the rest of my music is up and available. Orange, 10 year, All in on a Bad bluff, and Loosey Goosey are up and ready for down load!! check it out.

Tin ceiling !!

awesome times at open mic last night!! it got a little sloppy but a lot of great people playing good music:) kinda sleepy but really enjoyed seeing so many people I have not seen in awhile…


My last post was from July …..So I am goon start posting everyone as of now!! Tomorrow night all ages open mic at the FFC Community House!! check top right corner for addy.